Why should I use the inventory management software in schools

As a headmaster or accountant, you know that it is obligatory to keep a record of all the equipment. Inventory is described in notebooks by:

  • name or number of the room
  • item name, number, unit price

You know that the annual inventory description is required. You must make sure that each item is described, is available,and you know where it is. Only then you make the table with the abovementioned graphs to describe the items, by which start the new calendar year.

What are the disadvantages of this old system for describing the inventory at school?
Difficult search. In one notebook are made descriptions of items in the school for several years. If you want to find information about a specific item, you should take some time for this.
Difficulty tracking a specific item.Some of the items in the school are used by several teachers in various rooms. When everything is written down on paper, it is quite difficult to keep track of which item when and by whom is used and where it is now.
Archives, which take place. You have to make a new notebook every few years. This is a loss of your employee’s time and also – you should find a storage space for already written notebooks.
Risk of loss or damage to the notebook. If that happens, you lose information about the inventory for one or more years. In addition you need to make a new table as soon as possible and put all items in it one more time.

What are the advantages of using the inventory management software in schools?
You search easily and quickly. Once you enter the data for each item, you can manage them very easily. Searching takes seconds. By the program for inventory management Simplentory you can generate barcodes which to stick on the items and find them in the system just by directing your phone to them. Inventory description that previously took hours will also be done in a much shorter time.
More effective management of all the equipment. All you need is a glance at the computer screen to see which teacher used an item, and where is it now. You can create access profiles of the host, the accountants, and anyone you decide.
You save space and have access to the program wherever you are. You do not have to store notebooks somewhere. If you need to check something, you can do it from any location in the world you want. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with internet.
There is no risk of loss and damage of information. The software has numerous safeguards that ensure the security of all entered data.

The inventory management software is economical, practical and effective. It is definitely worth it to replace the outdated system of keeping a notebook. Try the free demo version of Simplentory and you will see for yourself.

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