Inventory diary - what is it and does Simplentory replace it

Keeping an inventory diary in schools is an absolute must. What is it?

Usually the table is usually made in a notebook with thick covers. At the top of the page is entered the name or number of the room. The table has the following columns: name of the item, number, unit price. Then each item in the school is entered in it. At the end of each calendar year description of inventory is made and inventory information is entered for the new calendar year.

Simplentory is an inventory management software particularly in schools. It replaces the inventory diary, facilitates you in its management and provides you with many extras.

After you register in the program, you create floor, rooms, names of items, numbers, unit price. Inventory description at the end of the year is fast and easy, and the information for next year, unless there is a change in the data, is available by only a few clicks.

Optional extras of Simplentory include data export, quick search, generating QR codes. Thanks to them the inventory management is much more efficient and saves time and efforts that can be put into the actual organization of the educational process and the resolution of far more important issues.

Try the free demo version of Simplentory and see for yourself that the software not only replaces keeping an inventory diary, but is absolutely necessary to facilitate your daily work. The program was created in response to the needs of the schools. As we worked under it we consulted teachers and headmasters of schools so that it completely covers your needs. If you want additional features, we will be happy to create them for you.

Keep an eye on the blog for new and interesting information regarding the software and the subject for effective inventory management. Review the section ofFAQ, if there is still something you do not understand. Write us or call us by thephone. We are at your disposal.

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