How to operate with Simplentory –inventory management software in schools

You are already convinced that you need a new way of organizing and managing information about the equipment of your school. You are concerned that you will have to invest too much time and efforts to learn operating with the program. You think you will need to invest in staff training. Actually you will not. With Simplentory everything is very easy and simple. It is best to try the free demo version. If you are still hesitating, keep reading. We will explain step by step how to use Simplentory - inventory management software in schools .

This is the first thing you do to access the program.

Enter the floors in the program
Click on the button "New +" and fill in the fields - which is the floor, how many rooms it has and whatever else you want to add as information.

Enter the rooms by numbers
In the section "Rooms" again you again use the "New +" tab and fill in the fields. Room number, on which floor is it, when it is introduced in the system – you record all data. There is space provided for additional information.

You can write down in detail the type of item, its condition, who is responsible for it, in which room it is located, on which floor, how many similar items there are in the school, what is its inventory number.
You create user profiles of the people who will work with the program

It is enough for them to enter and explore Simplentory once so that to convince themselves that they can do well with it.
As additional features you can use the tabs "print", "import" and "export". Searching is fast and easy – you enter the name of the item or inventory number and in a few seconds you will find what you are looking for.

One of the most used features, although an extra, is the function to generate and print the QR code. We have dedicated a separate article to this issue, check it.

Overall, this is all you need to know about Simplentory. The program is in Bulgarian and is extremely easy to use. Its interface is simplofied for you to find all the necessary features at a glance.

Now that you are now more comfortable, try

Now that you are now more comfortable, try free demo version of Simplentory . We are sure that you will appreciate its efficiency and will start using it regularly.

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